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Founder & CEO

Mr. William E. Murphy, IV is an Entrepreneur, Global Marketing Strategist, & Business Consultant with over 25 years of marketing experience. He has developed marketing concepts, improved the public awareness and images of clients and companies he has represented. He has had an undeniable proven track record of productivity and diversity. William has a history of accomplishment in effectively evaluating needs and creating compelling communication campaigns and marketing programs that accelerate business development.

As the CEO/Founder of Murphy IV Enterprises, LLC (Holdings Firm), he oversees the complete operation of the company. William consistently looks for companies that is dedicated to improving and helping their employees and customers in the process that want to expand; a company that values their people and clients just as much as their profits where values passion, excellence and integrity are the foundation of the company culture, vision, and mission. William is very confident and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit in orchestrating and implementing strategic plans that guide the direction of his firm and its clientele.

William E. Murphy, IV has represented numerous organizations for the advancement of civic and professional associations on a local, state, national, and global platforms. He is goal-driven with accomplishments that reflect outstanding marketing instinct, innovative, and strong leadership skills with a continuous commitment to organizational growth. He is a seasoned public speaker who can offer intellect in the finance and entertainment industries, business development subject-matter and implementing diversity to large or smaller audiences worldwide.

Now Mr.Murphy, IV is the Founder of a SemiPro Basketball League known as the UMBA (United Mens Basketball Association) based in Scottsdale Arizona. The Scottsdale Wolfpack (Team in UMBA) is owned by him as well. Murphy IV Enterprises is the firm that is now home to diverse industries. More to come.