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Calatix Digital Distribution 


Application For Distribution




Terms & Conditions


*One Year leasing fee of $150 to be paid upon registration.


*Uploads fees are as followed:

Singles are $0.99

Albums are $2.99 ( up to 15 tracks)






eMusicprovides a subscription service to its 350,000 customers who buy an average of more than 20 DRM free MP3s per month (seven million tracks in total)from a catalogue spanning every genre, but concentrating on independent artists. Artists currently on their books include Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Bob Marley and creedance Clearwater Revival, the Pixies, plus new artists like Neko Case and the New Pornographers. Calatix Digital's entire catalogue will be made available to eMusic's subscribers, introducing our artists to a swathe of new listeners.


Thumbplay- Thumbplay, Inc. is defining the mobile entertainment experience for U.S. consumers and is the nation's largest and fastest-growing provider of mobile content. features licensed music, video and games from some of the world's largest entertainment companies, including: EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Pictures Television, as well as several independent labels and artists and video game companies.



iTunesis Apple's digital music store. Launched in 2001 to complement the success of the iPod, today it is the biggest music retailer in the world. There are localised versions of iTunes in U.S.A., Australia, Japan, the U.K. and Europe, and Calatix Digital deals with them all. As of April 2008 Apple have sold 100 million iPods, all of them linked to iTunes and the iTunes store, and potential customers for your music.


Amazon Mp3, is the download store from Amazon. All music within Amazon Mp3 is completely DRM free and at affordable prices. Amazon Mp3 launched only in the USA, but since has already launched in the UK. Amazon Mp3 is currently the 2nd largest online music store in the world only behind iTunes.






DMSis a leading CD, DVD and Vinyl disc pressing company with a proven track record of suprassing client expectations. Calatix Digital is proud to be working with them for the benefit of our artists and producers. Based in the South West of England DMS has partners all over the UK and Europe, and offers the highest standards of production at low rates and with fast turnaround times. Because of a special relationship with DMS we're able to offer our users discounted rates on DMS' services - please contact us for more details.




Spotifyis an incredibly versatile and increasingly popular music streaming service, providing radio stations, playlist building and sharing across a massive catalogue. Revenue comes from advertising and is shared between artists according to the number of playsthey've had. Build up your profile using the fastest growing music service out there.



Deezer- a French business running agreements with all 4 major labels to stream ad-supported music to their 9 million registered users across 35 different countries. In the three years since its launch, Deezer has been voted the most innovative website of 2007 by readers of 01Net, ahead of both Facebook and Dailymotion. Deezer also won the 2008 Red Herring award, for Europe's most innovative web companies, among various other awards. The proof of their success is really in the number of people listening to music through their service, which keeps on growing.






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